Saturday, March 27, 2010

winter ----> spring

So it's been ages since I've blogged... I've thought a lot about blogging but I've struggled with what to write about. I've read blogs that are so open and honest in their content and I admire the ability of the blogger to write that way. It's rare to read blogs that truly talk about the difficulties in life... I think blogs tend to be a place to brag about or to discuss the superficial things in our lives. I don't say this in a judgemental way... I don't expect everyone to divulge their deepest, darkest secrets to the world wide web... I just found it refreshing and humanizing to read about the struggles that people face in their every day lives. I guess I've wanted to avoid blogging/bragging about all that I've been up to the last few months as it felt shallow and disingenuous.

As winter fades into spring, I feel the rejuvenation that this changing of seasons brings. Having lived away from winter for the last 7 years made me forget just how long and sometimes depressing it can be. I think what I struggled with this winter was the inability to walk out my front door at any time and go for a run or a hike or a mtn bike ride without bundling up in a bazillion layers. I know that Utah has tons of options for outdoor winter sports but I was totally unprepared since I'd recently moved from a city where 'winter' is defined by a day or two of rain over 4 months. I don't have skis or snowshoes... I have an old Burton snowboard but no boots or a helmet....I have a pair of ski pants and a ski jacket but no proper gloves or goggles. I had the desire to get into skiing or snowshoeing but was held up by the huge chunk-o-change I'd have to put up to get the gear to start them. I just felt like my options for exercise were completely limited... thank god we had the indoor bike trainer!

Yes, I know Utah has gyms and I was a member at 24-Hour Fitness in California but I'm just not a gym person. I used to love aerobics classes and elipitcals but I have since lost that love... not really sure why that is. I cancelled my $30 a month membership a while back and, I must say, I don't regret it or miss it! Lee has a set of adjustable weights that work perfectly for my strength-training workouts and with summer just around the corner, who needs a treadmill or eliptical?

I'm so excited for trail running and mountain biking and hiking and evening walks and playing golf and road-tripping... and of course all the leisurely activities of summer like drinking beer on the balcony while watching the sun set. :-)

I'm sure once winter rolls around next year I'll be excited again for the changing of seasons and the arrival of snow... I really do enjoy winter. I think this year was just such a huge change from winters in Santa Monica that it was a bit shocking to my system. I hear tomorrow the high will be 67 degrees! Yippee! Here's to blooming flowers and bursting tree buds and brilliantly green grass!

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