Tuesday, May 27, 2008

dark and stormy.

I'm in SLC right now and, as usual, I'm loving it. It's amazing that, while growing up here, I was always itching to get out of this town. Now that I've left, it seems I can't wait to get back. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with Lee living here but there's another aspect to Utah that I took for granted while living here. Today, Lee and I went on a ride on the Bonneville shoreline trail thru Dry Creek and the 'U' and it couldn't have been more spectacular. The rain from yesterday had cleared, leaving behind beautifully brilliant blue skies and wild flowers galore. The trail was devoid of riders so he and I had it all to ourselves. At one point Lee stopped and picked a 'black-eyed susan' wildflower and handed it to me.... with Mt. Olympus in the background and the blue-bird sky above, it was a Kodak moment, for sure. Experiences like this make me realize that the beaches of Santa Monica are a transient place for me. I am grateful for my Southern California experiences but I realize that I crave more from the city I live in.

I can't explain my love for this state but it's something that is innate in me. I'm sure other Utah natives can relate to the sense of pride that comes with being from one of the most conservative yet unquestionably hip states in the nation. I find that every time I come back here it becomes harder and harder for me to leave. Someday I hope to plant roots in Salt Lake City and stay here indefinitely.

The timeline for my return to Utah is undetermined at this point due to upcoming opportunities and adventures but I plan to someday return to the Beehive State to plant roots that will keep me here for a very, very long time.


  1. So, does that mean you are waiting for Lee to propose? What are these new opportunities?

  2. I'm glad to read that things are going so well....SLC sounds amazing...

  3. I like your posts. I am glad to hear that you and Lee are doing so good...and yay for the one year mark! Ben and I hiked the living room a couple of times before we left and I just love the view of the valley, it will always be my home.

  4. Bre,
    I miss Utah a lot too. I also miss YOU!!! People always ask me, "Why in the world would you leave a beautiful state like Utah to come here???!" There was a ton of snow in Detroit this winter, but what's the point without the mountains and skiing? Let's get together this summer. I will be around all of July and August. I can't wait to meet Lee!

  5. Hey Bre... It is Summer! I stumbled across your blog through Kristine's.... It is so fun to hear a little about what you are up to! Your boyfriend sounds wonderful. I am so happy for you! I will blog stalk you often... hopefully that is ok!! -Summer

  6. Hey Bre... It is Summer again. My fav site for cute blog backgrounds is:
    It is simple, and when you change your background you wont lose all of your widgets ( things that you have on the side, like your profile, and lists of friends and fam, etc. ). Just make sure that you follow the instructions that they give you, and it is way quick! Give it a try!


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