Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Job(s).

Weekend snapshots: Trying out the sleigh // Alice's Thanksgiving 'decorations' // The beautiful Wasatch Mtns.

I am officially employed. My first day back at work was spent warming a chair in a conference room while listening to different people speak about hospital policies, fire safety, employee benefits and the like. It was interesting! And it was probably the first time in two years and almost 9 months that I've had the opportunity to sit still! By myself! Without a toddler pulling on or whining at me!

Who knew hospital orientation could feel so luxurious.

My days feel busy lately, which is to be expected, of course, since I've started a new job. But adding to that busy feeling is that I have also started the process of becoming a volunteer with the Volunteers of America organization here in Utah, specifically volunteering with the homeless youth. I had an experience a few weeks ago with a homeless 19-year old living behind the dumpster of our building that brought me to tears. I'm looking forward to starting my experience with them but I am also laughing at the timing of it all and how I've had pretty much nothing going on since Alice was born and now my schedule feels full to the brim.

And grad school hasn't even started yet (the grad school application anxiety is still very much a problem).

I don't know with what regularity I will continue blogging but I intend to keep writing as much as my time will allow because it is such an outlet for me and it has become the way I document our experiences, my feelings and our lives.

And all of the millions of pictures I take, too.

Lastly, one of my mommy friends who, over the last year, has become one of my best friends, graciously gave me permission to share a few of the birth photos I took for her family last month. It was such a beautiful and surreal experience and I felt honored to have been chosen to be there with them in that intimate and life-changing moment. Luckily she loves the photos and she even thinks I have a new career on my hands!

Which, coming from the professional photographer that she is, means so very much.

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - None! Sunday - Trail run in the cold and ice to Mt Wire. 5.2 miles/1:00/2,306ft elev gain.

Just a few moments from that beautiful day.


  1. Beautiful photos, Bri! Such a treasure to have pictures to help recount memories from such an intimate moment in their life. You really are a great photographer!
    I'd love to hear more about volunteering with the VOA when you get started. In college, I volunteered at the 4th Street Clinic and loved it! They work closely with the VOA.

  2. Wow, new job, starting volunteering, and so much more! I wish you luck with all of these new endeavors and for my own selfish reasons, hope you can continue to blog, if only to share the fabulous photos I love.

    Please say thanks to your mommy friend for allowing you to post these birthing photos, they ARE beautiful. What an amazing experience that you've captured for her.


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