Friday, October 10, 2014


Friday trail run. Butler Fork to Gobbler's Knob.

Lately I have felt so uninspired to blog and obviously that is showing in what I write and how often I post. My days feel busier than usual and with what downtime I have, I've spent doing household chores or grocery shopping or, what I really prefer to be doing lately, trail running in our gorgeous mountains.

I've also asked myself lately why I continue to blog. What is the point?! Who reads this and what are they getting out of my babbling?!

Looking back at what I've written one, two, and even three years ago helps to rekindle my motivation to continue writing as nothing will ever be as true to the moment or to my feelings during that time period as what I wrote in that post. Those months which turned into over a year of trying to conceive. The emotion and the experience of growing a baby. The early and chaotic days of motherhood. Moves across the country. Trips all over the world. Those experiences and those memories are captured here.

And that is what I need to use for inspiration to continue writing.

Happy Weekend! What are your plans? I'm getting back out there to enjoy more of those insanely beautiful fall colors.

Weekly Workouts: Monday - CrossFit! On the 0:00 21-15-9 of deadlifts (135lbs) + burpees, on the 10:00 15-9-6 of power cleans (85lbs) + dips (red band), on the 20:00 9-6-3 front squats (85lbs) + bar or ring MUs (ha! C2B red band). Tues - Rest day! Wednesday - CrossFit! EMOM 20 min of even min 30 DUs, odd min 12 wall balls (14lbs... Rx'd it!). Thursday - CrossFit! 2 position clean (hang, floor 100 lbs), then 5RFT of 250m row + 5 burpees + 5 power cleans (65lbs... Rx'd again!). Friday - Trail run to Gobbler's Knob! 8.5 miles/2:10/3,261 ft elev gain. The Knob is 10,224 ft!!

Unbelievable color out there today. This is a frame-r for sure.


  1. I read :)

    I LOVE all these fall colors. That alone will make me read. I do enjoy reading your thoughts, as a fellow IF sufferer, I relate to a lot of it. And I love the food you cook :)

    I gave up writing, as I just had nothing interesting to say. And I don't own a nice camera ;)

  2. Please don't give up your writing or picture taking... You are very talented. I don't always write a note or comment on your blog. But I do enjoy everything you do on your blog site. xoxo

  3. I've only been blogging solidly for 7-8 months and there are days where I wonder the same things you've wondered: why am I blogging? Who is reading this?

    And then I remember that when I first started, I decided to blog to capture moments in time so that I could look back and remember. I have a journal, too, but it's not the same. I love the collections of photos and thoughts. And when I have time, I love connecting with other people who stop by to say hi.

    Please keep with it! I love all your outdoor adventures and your beautiful photos!


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