Friday, September 19, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Scenes from the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. And some new succulents to add to my collection.

Despite all of a sudden having 3 hours to myself, 3 days a week because of Alice's new preschool schedule, I still didn't find time to blog like I intended to do. I feel like I want to be selfish with my newfound freedom! So I went for trail runs both Wednesday and today. I figure that when the snow starts to fall, I'll have plenty of time to clean the house, grocery shop, and blog.

My sister is in town this weekend and it is so cute to see Alice and Tia Amanda reunited. Alice did not want to go to school today, which I think was a combination of separation anxiety from mama but also she just didn't want to miss even a minute of her Tia's time here.

Don't worry, love bug. We'll have lots of time with Tia this weekend.

Happy weekend! What are your plans?

Weekly Workouts: Monday - After that trail run to White Pine on Sunday, rest day! Tuesday - CrossFit! 3RM power clean (105lbs), then 150 double unders (5 attempts, then 200 singles). 2 min rest. 25 burpees. 1 min rest. 30 power cleans (75lbs). Wednesday - Trail run to Little Black Mtn! 7.4 miles/2:00/2,650 ft elev gain. Thursday - Rest day! Friday - Trail run/hike with Amanda. 4ish miles/who knows how much time.


  1. Yeah! I want to spend time with Tia too! Great pictures of you, the mountains and the city!

  2. I always love when we have out of town visitors. Esp since we don't have any family in Colorado...

    We went to an Oktoberfest on Saturday (not terribly exciting) and then easy brunch & park on Sunday. The weekends just go by too fast...


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