Monday, August 4, 2014


Pulling & flipping tires. Farm style CrossFit!

One of the things I love about where my in-laws live is how removed it is from their city center. I know that might sound strange coming from someone who is obsessed with living in a downtown environment but without streets to explore and restaurants to try and parks to play in right out the front door here, we tend to stay close to home, enjoying a quieter weekend. Trips to the garden to pick vegetables and drinks on the deck in the setting sun are about as busy as it gets around here.

But as much as I love the country life, I am a city girl at heart. So today Lee is taking me to a city I've always wanted to explore. Vancouver, B.C.,.... Here we come.

How was your weekend?

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - Nike Training Club! 30 min of walking lunges, and jumping squats, and inchworm push-ups. Sunday - Farm style CrossFit! Lee took me through his workout of pulling, flipping and pushing tires all over the yard.


  1. Such a lush green area. Looks like Alice is trying to help her Daddy. Have a fun vacation to Vancouver, it's such a beautiful city. Enjoy!

  2. I admire your training schedule while away. I am oversees and slacking a bit, strength training is out the door by now all I can focus on is the daily runs which I also half fasted. The images are all so lovely I think Vancouver is somewhere on my travel list as well. Enjoy :)


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