Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Trolley Tour & Granville Island.

Tourist nerds! We did a trolley tour today.

You'd think with as much as Lee and I work out that we'd be able to handle a day of walking miles all over a city. But when we woke up this morning, our bodies were still exhausted from being on our feet for most of the previous day. Having toyed with the idea of heading out of the city for a trail run, we soon realized that we were ill-equipped with no water vests or trail shoes and that we'd end up spending most of our day taking a bus just for the to-and-from. So we shelved the trail running idea for another trip.

Our next trip here will definitely be all about mountain biking and trail running.

So instead we did a big-time touristy thing! We did the Vancouver Trolley Tour and made our way to all of the major sight-seeing stops this beautiful city has to offer. Having done a few of these tours while living in Boston, I knew the trolley tour would be a great way to see a lot of sights in a little amount of time. Plus with the ability to hop-on or hop-off at any stop, we could take the tour at our own pace.

Having walked the majority of Stanley Park yesterday, we decided to only stop briefly at the furthest tip of the park to enjoy views of the city and to watch the float planes take off and land. When we jumped back on the trolley it was packed with cruise ship people who had just docked in Vancouver.

So there we were on the trolley, listening to tidbits of information the driver is giving us when we notice there is music playing somewhere near us. Lee looks at me and we both said, "Who the hell has their music blasting?" We looked around but no one seemed like the obvious culprit and, after about 5 minutes, the music was still going and we started to get annoyed like TURN OFF YOUR MUSIC, MAN! Or at least put head phones in. I was convinced it was the young kid sitting with his parents across the aisle and I proceeded to give him obvious glances and dirty looks.

And then Lee pulled his phone out of his pocket, music blaring.

At some point when he put his hand in his pocket he must've touched the play button and everyone within earshot enjoyed some metal mixed with rap. Oops.

After our personal serenade during our ride through Stanley Park, we hopped off the trolley for lunch on Granville Island. It was a nightmare of tiny shops and tour buses and crowds but we managed to find our way to a seafood shop for delicious smoked salmon, some duck fat frites and then to Granville Brewing for a flight of beers. Then, with our bellies full and our patience waning, we hopped back on the trolley towards our rented apartment near the Waterfront.

Our two-and-a-half days in Vancouver is almost over and I am sad to leave! But I also can't wait to get back to our nutty little two-and-a-half year old, either.

P.S., Last night Lee treated me to a play at Bard on the Beach! We enjoyed a lively and hilarious performance of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. If you are ever in Vancouver in the summertime, this is a must-do!

Scenes from Granville Island. A beautiful tourist trap!

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  1. Looks like your trip to Vancouver turned out to be a great experience. Yes, that big cruise ship in the background is basically the only views of the city we saw, except for a talkative (and informative) bus driver who took us to the airport. We want to go back again and stay for a couple of days. Great pictures. xo


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