Friday, August 15, 2014

Melting Glass.

Melting sticks of glass into beads. Saffire Bead & Flameworks. Panorama, B.C.

While we were in Panorama, my sister-in-law registered a few of us to take a glass bead-making class. Unsure of what to expect, I went with her and two of my brothers-in-law to the three-hour class on Monday morning. And after making my first bead, I was hooked. It was so much fun.

I was terrible at making round or uniform beads and went with a more organic look, i.e. very rock-shaped. But I think they turned out pretty well! And I even made a necklace for Alice out of three of the fifteen or so beads that I made.

If you ever have the opportunity to take a class like this (or you find yourself at Saffire Bead & Flameworks in Panorama, B.C.), I highly recommend it!

Weekly Workouts: Monday - Trail run in Panorama! 3.9 miles/40 min/970 ft elev gain. Tuesday & Wednesday - I should've done something, but.... Rest day! Thursday - Trail run to Lake of the Hanging Glacier! 11.4 miles/2:42/3,154 ft elev gain. Gorgeous out there. Friday - Drive day! We're headed home.

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  1. Very pretty! What a great experience. Especially sharing it with your family. xo


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