Monday, July 28, 2014


I've been waiting for years for the canola to be planted in the fields around my in-laws house.

After arriving to blue skies and green fields Thursday afternoon, we awoke Friday morning to driving rain and blowing wind. But, after a few days on the road, a day indoors proved to be just what we needed. And once the rain let up a bit, Alice was eager to go outside and splash in puddles.

Of course, Grama Barb was happy to pull on her rainboots and join her in the fun.

On Saturday night, Lee and I went to a wine bar for a much needed date and then after shaking off the hangover and some breakfast yesterday morning, we went for a run. It has been so nice to spend more time together without the interruptions of daily life. Or our wonderful (but demanding!) toddler.

Speaking of Alice... she is back in diapers for pooping. After almost three days of refusing to poop and worrying that we were possibly making it worse by forcing her to go in the toilet, I relented and put a diaper on so that she can number two. Interestingly, as soon as I put the diaper on, she does her thing, I change her and then it's back to underwear and peeing in the toilet.

A few months ago I started reading this book about raising toddlers and, after feeling frustrated with this poop situation, I revisited the section on potty training. And after reading this paragraph, I knew I needed to back off a bit and let Alice tell us when she is ready to poop on the toilet.

Back off if your child seems to be fighting getting out of his or her diaper. They may just not be ready—for whatever reason. It is fine to go back to diapers (no shaming), and tell them, “Diapers are fine. We’ll try again another time.” Then reassure them that you love them whether they wear underpants or diapers. When parents back off and don’t care one way or the other what the child uses (diapers or toilet), the child often announces she is ready to use the potty. The catch is that you have to be genuine.

I promise this talk of poop will end eventually.

How was your weekend?

Weekend workouts: Saturday - Rest day! Sunday - Run with Lee! 6.1 miles/53 minutes. It is so much easier running here when the roads aren't covered in ice and the temperatures aren't -30C!

Wearing her cousins' old rainboots and jacket.


  1. Beautiful pictures of the canola fields. Leah R.

  2. Alice looks so grown up in her rain boots and hat. The #'2, in the toilet, will eventually be accomplished (on a regular basis). Hang in there. xo


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