Friday, July 18, 2014

Test of Wills.

Paint with water. No mess!

We are having a test of wills over here with potty training. Me against Alice. But wait. She is doing great on peeing in the toilet and hasn't worn a diaper (except for sleeping) in over 4 days! She loves everything about going pee in the toilet from telling me she has to go, to climbing on the toilet, to flushing all by herself, to washing her hands. But she still refuses to poop.

And she is constipating herself in the process.

There has been a lot of coaching and positive reinforcement and yes, even some bribery. But so far none of it has made her want to 'go' like a big girl. Tomorrow is a new day, though, and hopefully Alice will wake up with a new perspective on going #2.

Because that poop can't stay in there forever, love bug.

Happy weekend! What are your plans?

Weekly Workouts: Monday - CrossFit! 2 rep max eavy snatch balance (75lbs). WOD: 3 RFT of 25 double unders (I did them!) + 10 pistols + 5 snatches (65lbs). Tuesday - CrossFit! Shoulder press 25 reps @ 75% (68lbs). WOD: 5 RFT of 8 thrusters (65lbs) + 200m sprint. Wednesday - Rest day. Thursday - CrossFit! 1RM front squat (120 lbs). WOD: 4 min AMRAP 10 front squats (65lbs) + 10 bar facing burpees. 1 min rest. 3 min AMRAP wall balls (14lbs). 1 min rest. 4 min AMRAP 10 front rack walking lunges + 15 ab mat sit ups (174 reps). Friday - CrossFit! And I tweaked my back doing dead lifts. God damn it.

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