Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Road trip updates.

Scenes from the road.

Departure time from SLC. Planned - 7:30AM. Actual - 8:15AM. Not bad.

Stops for potty breaks - 3 at rest stops. 3 emergency stops on the side of the road (but no accidents!).

Change of plans en route to Helena, MT - 1. After a quick check of google maps, it turns out that Missoula is closer to where we are headed today than Helena. Thanks, google maps.

Number of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood watched - At least 2 hours worth.

Number of mountain goats in our hotel lobby - 1 (No, seriously).

Number of poops in Alice's swimsuit - 1. She was so excited to go to the pool that she squeezed one out in our hotel room. Hey, at least it wasn't while swimming.

Total hours on the road - 9. Total miles driven - 527. Next stop? Fernie, B.C.!

The C'Mon Inn. Missoula, MT.

1 comment:

  1. Love this update! What better way to measure a roadtrip -- great milestones!!


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