Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Herbed scrambled eggs w/ sautéed kale & micro greens // I hit up the Whole Foods food bar and then added my own greens at home // Kale & sweet potato frittata w/ sliced radishes //Broccoli, red onion, & tomato slaw w/ roasted almonds // Basil scrambled eggs w/ micro greens & leftover grilled sweet potatoes // Slow-cooked apple cider pork w/ snap pea & dill creamy cauliflower rice // Leftovers! Turned into pork & cauliflower rice stir-fry // Fried eggs w/ kale & mushroom sautée w/ white radishes // Utah trout & sweet potato salad over greens w/ raw walnuts.

Now that my stomach bug is (mostly) gone and my appetite has finally returned, I'm ravenous! And I'm ready to finish out these last 19 days of my second Whole30 without any more cheats.

Legitimate. Or not.

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