Monday, May 19, 2014


Helping Grandma Julie plant tomatoes. // Saturday dinner on our deck. // "Are you sure we can bike here?! // Scenes from our ride to Saltair.

Lately I've been feeling let down come Monday morning. A case of the Mondays, to use such an awful cliché. I don't know what it is about Monday morning that feels so different than Sunday or Tuesday but I just dread facing the day when my alarm for CrossFit goes off and my eyes pop open. Anyone else dread Mondays?!

Alice spent Saturday with Grandma Julie and Zayde Aharon which gave Lee and I some time to do a few jobs on our loft (I'm not sure we'll ever entirely finish our loft remodel). Later that day we had a get-to-know-you barbecue in the courtyard of our building for all the tenants, both owners and renters. Since Lee is our HOA president I'd known about this barbecue for a few weeks and I was worried no one would give up their Saturday afternoon to meet some of their neighbors.

Luckily I was wrong! About twenty-five people came for food and drinks and we met many new neighbors, one of whom just bought a loft a few doors down from us. And everyone that we met seemed excited about living downtown and helping build a community within our building.

With monthly wine socials, of course.

Sunday morning started out with a beautiful bike ride (thanks, Jill!) followed by a much-needed nap. Then, later in the day, we had friends over for a few Pimm's cups and ginger and honey barbecued ribs. If you are looking for a rib recipe for summer, I highly suggest you try this one from Bon Appétit. They were so good.

And in case you weren't disturbed enough by my description of the goose vs. lions at the Hogle Zoo... Here are a few photos.

How was your weekend?

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - Rest day! Sunday - Bike ride! 35.1 miles/2:35/46 ft elev gain. Downtown to Saltair & back.

J & L watching the barbecue action. // Sunday dinner!

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