Monday, April 7, 2014


I'm becoming a crazy succulent lady. // Spring blossoms (thanks, Grandma Julie). // Cheese plate!

I was useless on Friday after my 20-mile trail run. I intended to run 18 miles that afternoon and, when I got back to my neighborhood at 18.5 miles, I decided to tough it out and run another 1.5 miles around the park near our house. And now that my long run is over, I'm officially done training for my 50K!

Like I said on Friday, the most important part of ultra-marathon training is the mental aspect. So when I was at just over 18 miles that afternoon, just a block away from a hot shower and a cold beer, I decided to work on that mental aspect of my training and push myself another mile-and-a-half to hopefully help me in 11 days from now when I have to run another 11.1 miles after finishing 20.

My nerves are calming. I am so ready for this run.

Alice spent Saturday morning with my mom so that Lee could play golf and so that I could deep-clean our loft. I know it sounds like an unfair exchange of time with me stuck scrubbing floors while Lee plays golf but I actually enjoy cleaning when I can do it with loud music and without interruptions from a toddler.

My cleaning was in anticipation of our neighbors coming over for a get-to-know-you glass of wine and snacks. They moved into the loft next door to ours around the same time we moved back from Boston and it's taken us six months to get together with them. We had a fun time! And they both had some great ideas on how to create more of a community within our building.

Like monthly wine socials! Obviously they are my kind of people.

How was your weekend?

Weekend Workouts: I was wiped after my 20 miles on Friday so... Saturday & Sunday - Rest days!

Sunday sand play at Pioneer Park.

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  1. I love the plants in your home, I'm going to have to get some succulents. Looks like Alice is having fun playing in the sand at the park. xo


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