Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Minimalism Game: Day 9.

R to L: Too small. // Old hats I never wear. // Too big! // Also too big! // Dish rack from our Boston apartment that we don't need in SLC.

I'm on day nine of the minimalism game and, at this early stage, finding things to get rid of is easy. In fact, I look forward to the time after Alice's nap where we scour my closet or the kitchen cupboards in search of something to toss.

Oops. I just counted the photos from my first post about this and then added up these photos and, if I'm going by the number of things I've given away, I'm on day eleven already. Uh oh.

I imagine as I get nearer to the end of this thirty day challenge, it'll be harder to find things to give away. But I'm sure that my visions of organized pantries and roomy closets and ample storage space will help me persevere.

How about you? Are you feeling the urge to spring-clean? 

  Shoes I intended to wear for work and then never did. Plus I trip in them ALL the time. // Socks, underwear, and too-small arm warmers.


  1. I am loving these posts. You're inspiring me to do some of the same spring cleaning in my own apt this weekend. Nothing better than getting rid of stuff that you no longer use/need/want.


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