Monday, January 13, 2014


Whole30-approved dinner // Dessert! Strawberries with coconut milk-&-cinnamon whipped cream // I could totally get into rainbow loom.
I partied hard this weekend.  With Lee out of town on a snowboard trip in Fernie, BC, with his brothers, Alice and I were invited to an all-girls sleepover at my nieces' house on Friday night.  Their mom is my friend who is currently doing the Whole30 so you can imagine just how hard we really did party.  No booze.  No sugary desserts.  No junk food.  Sorting through tiny rubber bands with a 9- and 10-year old, choosing colors for our own rainbow loom bracelets.  And in bed by 10PM.

Like I said, we were totally wild.

On Sunday, I left Alice with Grama and went to the gym a bit early to lift weights before taking a late morning spin class.  I'd seen a few people doing Olympic-style weight-lifting (which is what we do in CrossFit) in a secluded part of the gym when I was there last week so I figured I'd go to that area and do my own lifting workout.

But when I got there, I found the barbells and weights for Olympic lifting under lock-and-key! 

Undeterred by the change in my workout plan, I made do in the crowded main gym weight-lifting area, doing hang power-cleans and dead lifts and push press and such all while more than a few people gave me funny looks.  I guess they just aren't used to seeing a girl throw weights around in their traditional gym.

How was your weekend?

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - Treadmill run! 3.5 miles/28 minutes/medium effort (started at an 8:30 min/mile and added speed every 0.5 miles, working up to a 7:03 min/mile for the last 0.5 miles). Sunday - Lifting! 0.5 mile warm-up, then 5x5 hang power cleans (95lbs), 5x5 push press (85lbs), 5x5 dead lifts (135lbs), 5x5 front rack lunges (65lbs), followed by a 50-minute spin class.

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