Monday, November 25, 2013


Rest stop. Fernley, NV.

Our drive with Alice from Salt Lake to Napa went remarkably smoothly. After our road trip with her to Prince Edward Island, my expectations were that, after an hour or so of driving, she'd be whining to get out of the car and I'd be ready to pull my hair out.

We left our house around 8AM on Friday and, instead of doing the 10-hour drive to my dad's in one day, we stopped for the night just outside of Reno in a town called Fernley, which is about 7 hours into the drive. As we drove from Salt Lake across the expansive salt flats towards Nevada, I waited for the inevitable fussing to start but it never really did! Alice sat quietly in the back seat, watching the scenery pass her by. If I hadn't been in the car with her, I wouldn't have believed that she could be so good on such a long car ride.

And then we got to Napa and her excited grandparents began interacting with her and she's been a huge jerk ever since.

Seriously. She has been a complete mess since we arrived on Saturday. Whenever someone other than Lee or myself tries to talk to her or play with her, she yells or cries or lays down on the floor in a textbook toddler tantrum. Lee and I are mortified at her behavior and find ourselves profusely apologizing but of course my family understands. She is just shy of two years old. This is pretty normal behavior for a kid her age.

At least I hope it is.

Weekend workouts: Saturday - None! Sunday - Run! 3 miles/22 minutes. Just a quick run around Napa.

Getting the wiggles out before getting back in the car.


  1. Lulu's started having epic meltdowns occasionally when she doesn't get her own way. We thought it might have been just because we were in the hospital but when I told a friend she said she was at lunch with a friend's toddler twins & they were doing the same thing. Now you're experiencing them too & we may just have to face facts that Lulu has entered the toddler phase. Yep, the meltdowns are normal toddler behaviour. Doesn't make it any more pleasant when your stuck in the middle of a meltdown though, hey?

  2. I hope it's normal! ;) Nolan does it, too.

    do you do the ipad in the car? I know, it's so "bad", but that is the only thing that we can do. Nolan can only make it about an hour w/o it. Even then, we can only do about three hours a day, max. Sucks. He is also still rear facing, so I am sure that makes it worse, but Jason is adamant about it since it's legal for people to drive as fast as they want here.


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