Monday, August 19, 2013


Friday - Since Lee is still out of town (one more day to go!), our weekend sort of felt like any other day. On Friday, Alice helped me pick out a new beer and then I enjoyed one (or two!) on our deck while reading that article about sugar in National Geographic, but more on that topic another day. Oh. I also finished the first season of Orange... Thirteen episodes in four days.... NBD.

Saturday - My dear friend and CrossFit buddy came over and made me breakfast. So nice of her (thanks, Ashlan!). Then I managed to pack a few things into boxes while Alice napped and, after she had gone to bed, I enjoyed some wine and more perusing in that home improvement design book. And maybe some Ben & Jerry's ice cream, too.

Sunday - Alice and I spent the morning babysitting a friend's daughter while she and her husband played tennis. Then in the afternoon we went to our neighborhood park we frequent almost daily.

After yesterday, we will never go back there again.

This park is brand new. Like it's been open for less than two months. And it is TRASHED already. Plastic cups. Water bottles. Popsicle wrappers. Water balloon carcasses. Baby wipes in various states of usage. Cigarette butts (!!).

And a poopy diaper right next to the slide.

Fortunately for you, I've spared you the photo evidence. That poopy diaper was the last straw for me. We're done! I don't know if this disgusting park behavior is exclusive to my neighborhood or if it's just life living in a big city. But I cannot imagine giving Alice a popsicle or a bottled water and then, upon leaving, not wonder where it went. And if I saw Alice toss a wrapper on the playground (which I've seen happen many times at this park), I would ask her to pick it up and throw it away, not turn my head and continue talking to another mom or futzing around on my iPhone like nothing happened.


To prove my point, here is a conversation I overhead a few weeks ago at the splash area of this filthy park:

Mom A: "Oh, that's nice you bring water balloons for the kids!"
Mom B: "Ya, they're super cheap and they keep them entertained at the splash park."
(Me thinking: Like the 12 fountains and the gaggle of kids aren't entertaining enough!)
Mom A: "Do you think we should pick up all the popped balloon pieces?"
Mom B: "No! It's fine. That's what they pay the park rec department for, right?!"
Mom A and Mom B laugh and laugh and laugh.

I didn't say anything to these women at the time and kicked myself for a few days for not asking them why they thought it was okay to trash their neighborhood park. If they don't think it is important to clean up after themselves when out in public, what are these women teaching their children to do in that situation?!

Thank god we will only be living here another eight days or else I'd have to make cleaning up this filthy park my personal crusade. And I'll be interested to see if Utahns take more pride in the cleanliness of their neighborhood parks than Bostonians.

I sure hope so.

Weekend Workouts: Ugh. It is so hard to motivate to work out being a single parent!! But I managed to do a 6-mile run on Saturday and a 3-mile walk on Sunday. CrossFit, I miss you!


  1. How rude is that!!! That would drive me absolutely crazy.

  2. You are quite welcome! I was happy to do it for you. xo


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