Monday, July 1, 2013


"Baby, you're a firework.... still!"

Over the weekend, Lee and I both agreed that Alice was the crankiest we'd ever seen in her little life.  In her defense, though, her incisors are coming in which, according to her pediatrician, can be more painful than other teeth and then she was on the tail-end of kicking a cold she'd had earlier in the week.  And oh, she also had her 15-month shots on Thursday.

So she really did have reason to be cranky. 

Luckily our friends who came for dinner on Sunday were completely fine with her volatile mood and didn't mind that Lee and I ate in shifts while the other entertained Alice.  She did eventually calm down (after some Tylenol!) and sat at the table with us snacking away on snap pea crisps and grapes.  Such a nutritious dinner, I know.

Alice is still a little cranky today and I'm hoping it's just those damn incisors finishing their push through her gums and not a preview of the inevitable terrible twos.  Because, wow.  She certainly is feisty.  

How does your kid handle incoming teeth?  Before these teeth, Alice didn't seem to mind them coming in.  But these incisors have completely thrown her for a loop!

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - Crossfit: 6 sets of 2 split-jerks (105lbs), then 45 thrusters (65lbs) + 45 kettle bell swings (35lbs) with a time of 5:46.  Sunday - SO SORE from Saturday = Rest day!


  1. Poor kid. Every teething baby I've ever met [all two of them] have been the saddest little sights to behold! Hope she's feeling better [and giving you two a little break from the madness] soon!

  2. That does sound like a lot going on for such a small person, I'd be cranky too! Lulu has always had trouble with her teeth but it seems like the canines aren't causing any trouble though I can see that they are bout to push through. Hope Alice's come through soon x

  3. Aw poor thing. We had a really easy time with teething (luckily!). W didn't get any teeth until 15 months, and I'd been told that being older and getting so many at once was a recipe for misery. He did indeed get them all at once, canines and molars and a bunch of others all pushing through- it looked so painful. He seemed fine though, he'd occassionally tell me his teeth hurt but never lost sleep or seemed too cranky. We used those homeopathic tablets and he's also always worn an amber necklace. Who knows if those things helped, but they didn't hurt!

    Hope Alice is feeling peppier soon! She sure is cute anyway :)

  4. Erik and I don't have very many babies in our lives, so we were just happy we got to spend some time with all of you (even if Alice was having some tooth pain, poor thing)! Thanks again for having us over. xo

  5. I don't remember you (as a toddler) having too many problems with teething. Just lots of slobbering. I do remember giving you those frozen juice popsicles to help cool off the red gums. Messy, but you enjoyed them.

    I love her big girl dress. She is getting tall, like her parents. xo


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