Wednesday, July 3, 2013


We all know I'm a huge nerd when it comes to things concerning the environment.  So it will be no surprise when I say that I hate to take the trash out to throw it away.  Because really, if you think about it, there is no away.  Away is a place miles out of the city where all of our unwanted things go to sit in the sun and the snow and the rain and the wind.  For-EVER.  Chances are all that stuff in a landfill will never break down and biodegrade and will most likely outlive us all.

Of course you can recycle a lot of that stuff but what pains me the most about throwing out the trash is all the organic waste going in among the non-recyclables.  Because of the way landfills are set up, that organic waste will most likely never have the ability to break down into what ultimately becomes nutrient-rich soil.

Deep thoughts for a Wednesday, huh?

Way back before we moved to Boston I started doing research for composting in our loft.  But then we packed up and moved across the country and I lost my motivation to try doing it in our rented apartment.  Now that we are moving back home to a place I know we'll be living for the foreseeable future, my desire to properly dispose of our organic waste has been rekindled.

And I imagine I'll have a few stories to tell and photos to post after I receive my first box of 1,000 composting worms

Any tips for composting in small spaces?  We do have a patio that might work for an outdoor composting bin.  Or maybe I'll just get all of the neighbors in our building to chip in for a big composter!


  1. I started a compost pile in my bedroom closet once... I was about middle school aged and my dad had given me a beautiful potted flower basket that I proceeded to kill. When it was down to its last leaf I became desperate to save it and I thought some nutrient-rich soil would do the trick. I took a gallon zip-lock bag into the backyard and filled it with dirt and sticks and leaves. My bedroom closet seemed like the perfect place to let it "compost" - dark, warm, hidden from my parents. For the next several weeks I included any fruit peels I had leftover, while forcing my sister to do the same. Finally, the nutrient-rich soil was ready! I surrounded my single leaf stem with it and waited... Needless to say, it didn't work! :)

    Also, I just read and article about how NYC is creating a city-wide composting plan!

  2. You are right everyone needs to do more for the environment. When you get your compost set up at your condo, you'll have to help me set up something for our home. Glad you are moving back to Utah. Can't wait. xo

  3. I have to admit that I do feel a little smug now that we're composting. Good luck with your apartment composting!

  4. What a great little info graphic. The family I nanny for has a tiny little countertop compost bin - really effective as far as short-term smell-free storage goes. It does seem to harbor fruit flies from time to time, but I'm sure something could be done about that. They have a compost/yard waste bin that's collected every week along side garbage, recycling, and glass.

    Now that I have my little garden set up I love the idea of composting my own soil. Normally I toss all our food waste down the garbage disposal... but, for honesty's sake, I'll admit that I have no utter idea where all that ends up... So, uh... once you get your urban compost situation figured out - please do share!


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