Friday, February 22, 2013

Eleven Months.

Reunited! And it feels so good! Alice & Clifton.

Dear Love Bug,

You are eleven months old today.  And Mommy is starting to freak out just a little that you are almost a year old!  We can't believe how much you've grown and how much your little fiery personality has shown through over the last eleven months.  You now weigh twenty-three-and-a-half pounds!  And we have no idea how tall you are because you won't sit still long enough for us to measure you.  For comparison, though, in your baby group you are at least a head taller than the other babies your age.  And just last week your seventh tooth poked through and your eighth seems not far behind.  You finally have enough hair on your head that, when you wake up in the morning or just after a nap, you have some pretty awesome bed-head!  We hope that you will soon have enough to hold a cute barrette or a little pig-tail.

Alice Glen.... this past Sunday you finally learned to crawl.  It's a good thing, too, as your great-grandma and your great-aunts were very concerned because of the saying in Mommy's family about kids who never learn to crawl becoming terrible readers.  We are sure this isn't true but it doesn't matter now as you can finally get to where you want to go on your own accord.  You still love to walk with your hands held and can now step up or down the stairs (Daddy taught you that trick).  You especially loved doing this at Great-Grandma's house on her curved and carpeted staircase.

Speaking of grandparents and great-grandparents, you were able to see a few sets this past month while we were in Utah.  And for the first time in your little life we had four generations of Mommy's side of the family together.  It was a very special moment that we are so glad we were able to make happen.

Luckily your picky eating has somewhat subsided as you'll eat most anything now as long as you can feed it to yourself.  Except for green things.  And cooked eggs in any form.  Those things are just not for you!  You especially love it when we give you your very own spoonful of nut butter.  You carefully pick it up and then position the spoon so that the gooey side of it touches your tongue and then you scrape off the nut butter with your bottom teeth (of course, Mommy taught you that trick).  You'd do this over and over and over if we'd let you! 

Oh, Alice... we love you so very much.  We can't imagine our lives without you.

Mom & Dad.

"Let's blow this popsicle stand, Clifton!"


  1. Happy 11 months! Such a big girl, and once she gets to be a speedy crawler watch out :) Life is never quite the same.

  2. Love, Love, Love the picture of Ms Alice! Yipee, she is learning to crawl! Great Grandma Adams would be proud of her intelligence. Wait til she learns to walk... she'll take off running!

    I'm impressed with all her new hair, and love the color, it reminds me of your hair. Gorgeous! xo


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