Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Sunrise in ATL. Feb 2008.

Since Alice has no family even remotely near Boston, she has done quite a bit of travel in her almost-8-months of age.  And, every time I pack for a trip, I am amazed by the amount of stuff you need to travel with a baby.  Stuff.  Lots of stuff.  But, really, is it stuff you need to have or stuff that's nice to have when away from home?  Who knows.  All I know is that I tend to get a little overwhelmed when packing up that little bugger for a trip.  

Actually, though, I've always found packing for trips a bit overwhelming.  I am terrible at deciding and planning and putting together weather-appropriate and trip-appropriate outfits.  For instance, I've gone to Utah in the dead of winter and not brought a winter coat.  I guess I just thought a light sweater would suffice for temperatures below freezing.  Mmmhmm.  I also used to just throw a bunch of things in a suitcase and hope something in there would come together into a complete outfit.  Usually, not so much.

When I was living in L.A., my sister and I often traveled together so I would mooch out of her suitcase if I was in need of something to wear.  But now, I am on my own and, unfortunately, Alice's onesies are a bit snug.  So now, I actually physically lay out outfits on my bed before I pack them.  Rocket science, I know, but it has revolutionized my travel wardrobe.  

So I do the same for Alice.  And we both manage to arrive to where ever we are going with clothes appropriate for the trip we're taking.  

I know.  I know.  Rocket science! 

 Fisheye in ORD. Aug 2012.

Are you organized when it comes to packing?  I tend to start my packing a day or two in advance of a trip.  My half-packed suitcase then sits there until an hour or so before we leave and then it's a made dash to get it packed and get us out the door!


  1. I make a list. I have always done this, but it doens't mean I don't forget my hairbrush and toothbrush most of the time (the two things I use just before running out the door).

    With a baby, the list got SO long. Thermometer, Tylenol (you never know). So many clothes, in case of puke/poop/pee/food. toys. Diapers and wipes. And now, snacks and water.

    My husband is a very good packer because he has travelled for work for so long. I am much better, but not a pro.

  2. Ugh, packing. I am not great at it and traveling with a baby is a ton of work and requires so much stuff! But it's always worth it. Sounds like you have a good start on your packing for this trip :)

  3. I tend to over pack, like really over pack. Your idea of laying outfits out may just be the solution.

    And you're not alone with the only packing a sweater for sub-zero temperatures, we went to Canada for Christmas in 2005 & my husband only packed t-shirts! Luckily we had two days in LA before Canada & he was able to pick up a few sweaters and a coat from Gap.

  4. With a baby it's hard to know how much to bring, but especially when you are packing her travel crib, stroller, etc. There is always a store close by to pick up a new outfit or toy, but the larger stuff, not so easy.

    Packing for both Utah and California is hard. Some items will overlap, but other not. Hope to see you soon. xoxo


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