Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Into the Sunset.

This is probably one of the top five prettiest sunsets I have ever seen.  Alice and I went for a walk on Sunday after a day filled with dark skies and rain.  Around 5:30PM the sun finally showed her face so out we went to enjoy the last few minutes of daylight.  As I loaded Alice into the stroller and headed for the door, out of the corner of my eye I saw my Nikon and I thought I should bring that with us.  So I did.  And thank god!  I would've kicked myself the entire walk if I'd only had my iPhone to capture the beauty of this sunset. 

It took us an hour to walk the just under two-mile loop around the reservoir as I was stopping to take photos every few feet.  Every time I turned around to look at the sunset, it kept getting better and better.  We didn't arrive home till after 7PM, which meant Alice's dinner was late and her bedtime routine would be delayed.

But she didn't seem to mind.  I think she enjoyed the sunset, too.

Before the sun set and as we walked around the reservoir, I saw an adorable elderly couple out for a stroll, holding hands all the while.  I couldn't help myself!  I had to capture their moment.  I snapped a bunch of photos and, as I got closer to them I thought what a shame it would be if I didn't share with them their precious moment I'd captured with my camera.  So I introduced myself and showed them the photos I'd taken.  And I got their email address so that they can have the memory of their sweet walk together.



  1. Wow! Gorgeous sunset! I love this time of year!

  2. Stop it. You're making me miss Boston! Haha. I second what Lauren said.. love this time of year SO MUCH.

  3. ditto to Julie. Miss it. And you are so sweet to share that photo, it's beautiful.

    Is that BC in the distance?

    1. Jen! It is, in fact, BC. We live right by there. It looked stunning on that night!

  4. Absolutely beautiful. I love the progression of the sunset, where the colors are getting richer.

    That was a very nice jesture on your part to talk to that cute couple and send them the pictures.

    I still hold hands with my husband when we are out for a walk... hopefully we will continue that forever. xoxo

  5. So pretty! Love that you sent the photo to that couple too- sweetness!

  6. WOWeeee yes SO pretty!! Great photos girl!

    PS Answered your question over on le blog ;)


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