Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Together Outside.

Together we go outside
to experience her exciting new world.
She with her belly full of milk,
me with a handful of cherries.
She with her favorite squeaky Sophie
me with an unread magazine.
We head outside in the heat of the afternoon to pass some time.
Together we lay on a quilt
and gaze upward.
We marvel at the blue sky scattered with clouds,
smell the sweet scent of freshly cut grass,
feel the warm breeze tickle our noses.
Everything new. Everything exciting.
She is mesmerized by the slivers of sun trickling through the canopy of leaves.
I am mesmerized by how the light makes a moving pattern on her pale skin. 
She coos and gurgles.
I smile and sigh.
Together we are outside.
And together, we are happy.

Adventures Outside. July 2012.      


  1. I wish I could take my little one outside, but it's too dang hot outside (Texan here). But your view looks lovely

  2. So sweet, she's beautiful and looks ver content. You are brave getting out there in this heat. I am so ready for some cooler temperatures so we can enjoy ourselves outside instead if melting.

    xo Lilly

  3. Fun. You've reminded me to get Lulu a Sophie. I've totally forgotten about the magical Sophie. I think we'll have to spend this afternoon outside. It looks so lovely. That blanket is adorable xx

  4. It's the simple things in life! Wonderful!

  5. Love the cute poem... story! Alice is growing so fast. Glad she has a few favorite toys. They look good enough to eat! Looks like she is enjoying chewing on them. Ditto about the beautiful quilt. Homemade? xoxo


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