Friday, June 1, 2012

Super Toga.

Sporting the newest summer fashion, the Toga. June 2012.

Alice went to sleep last night in the super swaddle and we woke up this morning to her in a super toga.  If she keeps up this Houdini work, we'll be investing in one of those uni-tasker baby straight jackets.

Because we are so not ready to give up the super swaddle just yet.

When did you stop swaddling your baby?  Alice is a mover and groover in her crib but she doesn't roll over just yet so we'll continue to swaddle her until then.  But she seems to have figured out how to wiggle herself free from the super swaddle as she either gets her arms or legs free during most nights!


  1. Alice is just too cute! We stopped swaddling Lulu at about 3 months but mainly because it was too cold to swaddle. She kept wriggling her arms free but never made into a cute toga. We use a baby sleeping bag now. They have summer ones too. It keeps her feeling enclosed & cozy & because it has sleeves her arms can hang out with her getting too cold.

  2. I love the toga! W estopped swaddling already (at one month) because Eden really really loves to sleep on her belly. We finally caved, got an angelcare monitor to alert us to any problems, and let her sleep on her belly. It immediately gave us four hour stretches at night!
    With our son, we swaddled him for about four or five months, I think. He loved it.

  3. Alice is a very active baby. When she is not swaddled, she is in continuous motion. Wait til she starts rolling over and crawling, you'll have to keep an eye on her at ALL times. xo


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