Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Unmoving Scale.

Alice enjoying a riveting book. It's a page-turner!

An update on my quest to lose the baby weight.  I'll admit... the scale hasn't changed all that much since my last post.  Like we're talking only about 0.2 pounds in two weeks.  What the eff?  I do think my non-maternity clothes are fitting better, though, and I am able to pull up and button pants that I wasn't able to at my initial weigh-in so something is happening but why in the hell have I not lost any more weight?  Especially since I am breastfeeding, which supposedly burns an extra 500 calories a day!  I have heard the terrible rumors, though, that if you are breastfeeding your body holds onto 5 to 10 pounds of pregnancy weight as a safety net for milk production.  Um, hi.  If that's true, it is ridiculously cruel.  I mean, I just spent the last NINE months with a growing waistline and widening body parts, I do not need my body to force me to carry around those last few pounds for a little longer.  So mean!  

I know it has only been just under five weeks since Alice was born but, as you know, patience isn't one of my strong suits.  And the summer season is coming up with sun dresses and tank tops and swim suits and shorts and I'd like to look good for all of that.  Hey.  At least I admit that I am vain. 
Did you have difficulty losing those last 5 to 10 pregnancy pounds?  Okay.  Fine.  I haven't been a saint with what I have been eating but overall, I think we eat pretty healthy at our house.  Maybe if I cut out that daily beer with dinner I'd lose this weight a bit faster.  Hmmmm.  Nah.  I'll cut something else out instead.

Garmin stats: Yesterday - 4 miles/?? minutes + walking lunges.  Today - 30 minutes of yoga + arm workout with free weights.  I'm sore from those lunges!  It hurts so good.


  1. It is true... at least for me! I held on to 5 lbs until I stopped breastfeeding (after 14 or 15 months with each of my boys) just like that! I had all but given up on losing the weight, but now I know better and I am just going to be patient. It does seem unfair, doesn't it?

  2. 9 months to put it on...9 to take it off! Really, everyone is sooo different! I have friends that BF for a year and lost all the weight and then some in 2 months! I held onto 5-8 lbs until I was done BF.. that was 12 months for both kids. I fit into all my clothes, my body was just different.... so, all I can say is try to be patient and your body will do what it needs to do... :-)

  3. You need to be patient. I know, it sucks!

    Have you even had your 6week pp visit yet? Technically you shouldn't be even working out yet.

    I gained 30, lost 15 right away, but then ate whatever I wanted over the holidays.

    I stalled out on my weight for a month or so once I started eating better, and just yesterday I put on a pair of pre pregnancy "skinnier" jeans. Prior to that I was wearing pre preg jeans, but they were my more relaxed cuts.

    I am still 5lbs from my pre-preg weight, BUT, I will be honest, I don't really exercise - I walk every day, but I don't have gym with childcare. I should be working out at home, but I haven't.

    The point is..the weight will come off, I promise. If I was doing even moderate exercise, I think I would look pretty good. I also was not skinny pre preg, just average weight.

  4. I remember, (back in the pioneer days) when you were born. The nurses, my family and friends told me to not lose weight too fast or exercise too much or I would not be able to produce enough milk for you. Everyone is different and there is so much advice and information out there. Just do what feels right. If your milk production starts slowing down; You slow down. You look healthy and beautiful, little Alice is healthy and beautiful. You are doing exactly what you should be doing. Don't worry, those 5 pounds will be gone soon. xoxo


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