Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Season. New Beginnings.

Spring 2012. Beacon Street. Boston.

It is the first day of spring.  And what a glorious day it is.  What is it about this time of year that just feels so refreshing?  So clean.  Like a new beginning!  It's the time of year where it just feels right to be outside.  To get things done.  To soak up the sun.  To drink an ice cold Arnold Palmer on the deck.  Laying around on the couch just isn't an option when it is this beautiful outside.  Okay, maybe a little laying around is justified.  I am 10 months pregnant after all.

And yep.  Still no baby.  But I really am okay with that.  Just another day of relaxing.  Another day of me time.  Another night alone with my husband.  Soon that will all change.  Hopefully very soon. 

I did have a post due date ultrasound yesterday and, for the most part, all is well in there.  If you've been over-due before you know that they start doing more frequent ultrasounds to measure fetal size, amniotic fluid levels and placental sufficiency after you've passed that alleged due date.  The fetal size thing is hilarious to me because, good god, it is all over the place.  We've gone from having a baby in the 54th percentile of growth at 30 weeks to a baby that was close to NINE POUNDS at 38 weeks to a perfectly sized 8 pound 4 ounce baby yesterday at almost 41 weeks.  Those late term ultrasounds are wildly inaccurate.  So why do them?  I am convinced they are done just to freak out the soon-to-be moms (um, me!) a little bit more.  I mean, can you imagine if I really did have a 9 lbs baby in my belly almost 3 weeks ago?  She'd be HUGE by now.  And maybe she really is huge in there.  But I am really hoping she isn't.  Because, um.................... OUCH.    

If you went past your due date, did your OB/Midwife become maniacal with monitoring you?  Um.  I really do trust my OB but she is a bit like a nervous hen waiting for her egg to hatch.  I'm sure if she could put me on a 24-hour video monitor at home... she would totally do it.  

What is your favorite springtime flower?  Hmmmm.  Tough one.  I'd say I have three.  First... lilacs, all the way (I wear a perfume that smells like fresh lilacs).  Second... hyacinths.  Again, the smell is intoxicating.  And third... the magnolia trees here in Boston are unbelievable.  I had never seen anything like it till we moved here.

**I entered this photo into the Leap into Spring photo challenge over at Project Alicia.  Check out her blog for some amazing photography!**


  1. \oh, Bri, I feel for you! That was the longest week of my life.

    It's routine to do CTG every week here in the last 4 weeks or so of pregnancy (fetal heart monitor belt and contraction monitor for 20min) so they just did that.

    Once I went past due, my OB wanted to see me every 2 to 3 days. Not sure why, it just made me feel pressured. I wasn't dilated at all, but on Thurs he said my cervix was "softer" and I went into labor on Saturday.

    Just say NO to induction, ifthey are pushing you that way, unless your cervix is favorable.

    I felt like the last week was a big lession in patience for me, a very UN patient person :) I am thinking of you.

  2. Man... I hate the waiting game... almost as much as you!! You are beautiful still at 41 weeks! I have to admit though... the farthest I went was 39 weeks and that was painful... AND it was scheduled. I hope she comes soon... I can't wait for pictures!!

  3. Oh, darling, hang in there!

    I went to 41 weeks with my third boy, and it was hard to wait that long. But she will come when she is ready! I read that the baby releases a hormone to start labor once her lungs have matured. If this is true, I am so surprised so many people induce at 38 weeks. Just think... if I had agreed to it, my little man might have ended up in the NICU because of immature lungs. I mean, you never know. But I am thinking of you. I know it is so hard to wait.

    Maybe she will make her appearance... TOMORROW?!!

  4. To my wonderful darling daughter. Wishing you a wonderful spring day. You are beautiful as are your pictures. Just keep your feet up. I had "elephantitis", my legs and feet were really swollen, even though you came 2 weeks early. Love you so much!

  5. Your photos are stunning...congrats on your soon-to-be-born baby! Those last few weeks/days are the worst...the waiting is awful.

  6. This collection of flowers is gorgeous! Each uniquely different and beautiful all the same.

    Good luck on a speedy delivery. Crossing my fingers you get no bigger than an 8 pounder. lol

    I was 2 weeks late with little man and they didn't do any ultrasounds prior to delivery. Not sure if it's new policy or if different parts of the country just do things differently...

    Hang in there. Thanks for sharing your photos and linking to our Leap into Spring Challenge!


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