Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be Mine.

Salt Lake City. September 2011.

Do you remember what a big deal Valentine's Day was when you were a kid?  I do.  Oh man.  I used to get so nervous and so excited as I built my Valentine box (usually an old shoe box covered in aluminum foil and heart-shaped stickers) and filled out those cheesy grocery store Valentine cards.  I remember specifically picking out a special card and filling the envelope with the more suggestive conversation hearts to give to the boys I liked.  Be Mine.  Let's Kiss.  True Love.  You know, the ones that made you giggle if you thought about giving them to your crush.  Such fun.  Such innocence.

I am planning a special dinner for my Valentine tonight.  Home-cooked.  Made with love.  I'd tell you what I have up my sleeve but, if he reads this while at work today, he'll know what I am up to.

Hey Valentine.... Be Mine.  Let's Kiss.  And, most importantly... you are my True Love.     

What do you have planned for your Valentine?  Honestly... I think this holiday is a bit... okay, a lot... commercial.  Jewelry?  Diamonds?  Stuffed animals?  All silly.  Just do something heartfelt for the one(s) you love.  

Also... I heard that nowadays schools won't allow kids to put candy in their Valentine cards.  Is that true?  Oh, how times have changed!  


  1. We are just staying in as well...nothing too fancy! I hope you two have an amazing Valentine's Day together!!

  2. True here. No candy allowed. We sent cards with bouncy balls that read, "Valentine you make my heart bounce." Guess they didn't go over too well, but paybacks are hell. lol. Good luck with your honey man!


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