Sunday, February 19, 2012


I did it again.  I am so embarrassed to admit this, but I write this blog so that, a few years from now, I can look back and remember all that was going on in my life.  Good stuff.  Bad stuff.  Embarrassing stuff.  All the life stuff.  Anyway... I fell again on Friday after work.  This time, though, I wasn't rushing for the T.  I was JUST WALKING and I rolled my ankle and went down hard.  Hands.  Knees.  Then belly.  Yep.  I hit my belly.  Again.  I got up.  Some nice man stopped to help.  I shooed him off and then immediately started to cry.  Not because I was hurt, though.  Because I was so mad at myself.  I fell again!  And, having done this before, I knew the drill.  Call MD.  Go to hospital.  Get admitted to Labor & Delivery.  Get monitored.  Get blood drawn.  Go home.

I was right about all of those things except for one.  I had to stay the night in the hospital.  You see, when they put me on the monitor, I was having mild contractions.  It could have been due to having worked all day and being on my feet and being a touch dehydrated.  Or it could have been from the fall.  Either way, my OB wasn't sending me home with contractions.  So I stayed the night in the hospital.

But all is well.  I got discharged after 20 hours.  Baby is fine.  I am fine.  I am still mad at myself, though.  Loose pregnancy joints and Danskos and underlying klutzy-ness are not a good combination.

Three (ish) more weeks.  We can make it.


  1. thank god you and the baby are OK! that is so scary. take it easy!

  2. Oh gosh! So happy you two are okay! That is so scary. I can't believe it's just three weeks away!!!! Take GOOD care of yourself until then!!! Happy Sunday :)

  3. oh bri! that is so scary and frustrating at the same time. in other news, you are a gorgeous prego lady! i can't wait to see the little one!!!

  4. Don't be too hard on yourself! I'm so glad you and your baby are okay though! I'm about as clumsy as they come and I can't imagine how scary that would be - not to mention how easy it would be to be angry and frustrated at yourself. All is well though so you she treat yourself extra nice the next few weeks :)

    My mom once told me she fell Hard(!) up the stairs when she was full term (and I was a giant 2 week late baby!) and it nearly scared her to death. I like to tell her the reason I was such an angsty teen towards her was because of her fall and another time when she dropped a hair dryer on my head as a baby ;)


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