Monday, December 12, 2011

Baby steps.

You guys.  I had a blast at the BlogShop class this weekend.  And I cannot believe how much I learned!  Of course the class was filled with ridiculously hip and cool women.  Like right-out-of-the-Anthropologie-catalogue-type of people.  But everyone was super friendly and luckily we were all beginners in the art of PhotoShop so I didn't feel like a total loser when asking simple questions. 

We spent 8-hours both Saturday and Sunday learning all sorts of tips and tricks on how to create nifty collages, mood boards (like my hello yellow?), gif animation, adding texture, playing with filters, editing photos (<-- amazing what you can do!) and so much more.  Wanna see something I made?  I made this gif this morning and would've continued to write a blog below but apparently that is beyond my skill set at the moment.  Baby steps, you guys.  Baby steps.

PhotoShop is ridiculously amazing.  Do I need it?  Probably not.  Do I want it really, really, really badly?  Absolutely. 

**The photos on One Scarf. Five Ways were taken by the ever-so-talented Angela of Angela+Ithyle**

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