Saturday, November 12, 2011

A gift from the past.

Our babymoon is over and we're back to our lives in Boston.  We had a wonderful time visiting family and friends.  And we also managed to squeeze in some much-needed alone time and relaxation.  I can't believe that this trip will most likely be the last one we take before we become parents.  Weird.

Besides the installation of blinds in our loft, the other reason I wanted to come to Utah was to visit my Grandma who has had some heart trouble the last few weeks.  She is in great spirits and, for the most part, she feels good but she has some surgery in her future to help alleviate her ticker problems, as she calls it.  She might qualify for a new, less-invasive heart surgery that would avoid opening her chest to replace some leaking valves.  She will find out in a few days what her future holds.

It was so good to see her again and catch up.  She does look more frail, though, and that worries me.  But she is a strong and stubborn woman (I get that from her).  I know she won't give up on this life without a fight!

Before I left her house, my Grandma had me run upstairs to her cedar chest to get something wrapped in tissue paper.  When I brought it to her, she told me to open it.  Inside was a delicately knit pink-and-cream baby blanket and baby booties that her mother (my great-grandmother) made over 50 years ago.  And they are still in perfect condition!  She insisted that I take them to use for our baby girl.  What a gift!  I'm not sure I will use the blanket or booties on a daily basis as they are just too special to potentially ruin.  I feel so lucky.  Thank you, Grandma.

Do you knit/crochet/quilt/sew?  I feel like (most) people nowadays don't know how to do anything anymore.  Sew on a button?  Nope.  Darn a sock?  Not a clue.  I'll admit, I am one of those people but I so don't want to be.  I plan on learning how to do these types of things.  In the new year, I am signing up for a knitting class!  And I plan to teach myself how to can vegetables and fruit and jams!  Nerd alert!


  1. Oh I kind of want to cry, what a special gift! I would love to be able to crochet. Wish there was a class here.

  2. What a beautiful gift. I would use both, precious though they are, because that's the reason she gave them to you. I'm sure you won't ruin them!

  3. I'm a nerd in your opinion then. I knit, sew, quilt, can fruits/veggies and make my own baby food. But these are all skills I love having and I'm gotten them all from my grandmas and my mother and can't wait to pass them down to my children.

    I also understand the special feelings that go with old items. I have booties made for my girls by my grandma, a blanket crocheted for our baby by my mother in-law and finished 72 hours before her death. We also have a baptism gown made by my grandmother for me and my sister to wear, that has been fixed by my mother for my babies to wear.

    The skills are great to have and anything that is that hand made is really special.

  4. That is such a sweet and special gift. On our anniversary overnight to hotel Monaco last night Devon gave me something that has been in his family since his great grandmother first owned it and I could keep myself from tearing up. Can you imagine being lucky enough to be a grandmother someday and passing down the same blanket your grandmother just gave you? Very sweet :) I hope your grandma's ticker problems improve - it's amazing the types of surgeries they can do these days with an incision of an inch or two that would have once taken weeks and weeks of recovery.


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