Monday, November 7, 2011

A flutter of color.

Our trip to Napa is winding down.  We've managed to do some relaxing, lots of catching up, and no wine-tasting (for me, at least).  I can't believe that the next time I see my dad and step-mom, I'll have a kid-in-tow.  Crazy.

Yesterday my step-mom and I had lunch at the country club while Lee and my dad played golf.  As we had lunch, I noticed this beautiful plant with bright purple flowers that was all abuzz with hummingbird activity.  After we finished eating, I went quietly out the door and sat on a rock wall close to the plant.  At first, I startled the hummingbirds and they all flew away.  But, after a few minutes, they were back, and they didn't seem to mind my taking their picture.  So graceful.  They flit from flower to flower with such ease.  I could've watched them for hours.

Do you have hummingbird-friendly plants or hummingbird feeders?  I'd like to put a hummingbird feeder up on our deck next spring.  I'm sure my cats will loooooove watching them, too.

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