Saturday, October 22, 2011

All the colors. All in one.

I saw this magnificent tree on my way home from the grocery store this morning.  It was huge and on fire with every fall color possible.  Reds.  Yellows.  Oranges.  Even pinks!  And, of course, a few remaining summery greens.  This tree was in the yard of a Jewish Synagogue.  And it is their Sabbath today.  So there were many people who were staring at this pregnant lady taking pictures of and staring up at this tree in awe and wonder.  It was worth being stared at!  I could've looked at this tree for much longer.  It was a spectacular sight.

Check out these cool things I saw in Real Simple this month.  The Muuto votive candle holders have a nifty side vent so you can slide the match down to light the wick!  Without burning your fingers!  Ingenious.  

And I love the quirkiness of the claw-footed candlesticks by Simon Paul Scott.  How cute for a Halloween table!  Or just an eccentric dining room.  Even an interesting table centerpiece!  Or maybe they are ridiculously tacky and I think they are cool due to the lack of oxygen to my brain from the lingering pneumonia.  Very possible! 

In other news, I am still sick (in case you hadn't figured it out by the loads of time I have to blog about claw-footed candlesticks).  I do feel a bit better but I still have this ridiculous cough that, when it gets going, takes my breath away.  I'm not sleeping all that well (damn you, cough) and I wake up feeling pretty horrible.  The fevers and chills are gone, though, and I have no more body achy-ness, which means I am on the mend.  Good thing.   I am over being sick!

Do you decorate for Halloween?  Not yet.  Maybe next year.  For the little one!  But I think I'll do more of the unexpected for Halloween decorations.  I don't know what that means yet but when I figure it out, I'll let you know!


  1. I so wish I decorated for Halloween!! I'm envious of those who do. My neighbors do AMAZINGLY spooky but cool things to their homes.

    We got a little shorted this year with Fall. There was so much rain that it tore all the leaves down before they could turn into pretty colors.....oh well. At least I got to see your photos!!!

    Get Up & Go

  2. Lovely!! so sorry you've been sick. :( Hope you are all better soon. I got really sick with my first pregnancy. I though the coughing would surely be the death of me or her. Don't decorate much for Halloween besides a few crafts that the kids do.

  3. We make crafts and I have a few house decorations I use every year. BUT...I also have a creepy cat that we usually put outside that my girls think is hilarious. Except that James HATES it and is so seriously freaked out by it so this year it had to stay in the garage. HAHA.

    GET BETTER!!!!

    {I'd take pictures of that tree toooo! Beautiful!}

  4. ohhh what a lovely photograph of that tree! this year my husband plans to decorate with lots of carved pumpkins! :)

    xo ellie


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