Sunday, October 23, 2011

Adventure Sunday: Regatta.

This afternoon we went to Cambridge to watch the 47th Annual Head of the Charles Regatta.  Very interesting!  Not all that exciting.  But so cool to see the athleticism and the skill of the competitors as they maneuvered those skinny boats under bridges and around the bends of the two-mile course along the Charles River.

We stood on a bridge and watched as the crews came effortlessly gliding under us.  The boats appeared as graceful insects... the oars the legs and the men it's moving torso, inching it's way to the finish line in perfect synchronicity.  They made it look so easy.  I am certain it wasn't.

And then we came home and I made this for dinner.  Beef stroganoff.  It was so good.  And not too difficult or time-consuming.  A perfect Sunday dish!      

Do you know anyone who does 'crew'?  There were a ton of collegiate teams participating in this event.  The only person I know who did 'crew' is my step-dad who rowed waaaaay back in college.  But I think this sport is more of an East Coast thing.  Not many people in Utah do a lot of 8-man synchronized rowing! 

Do you make a 'fancier' dinner on Sundays?  I do.  Actually, I'm more likely to cook a fancier anything on Sundays (why? who knows).  Like this morning for breakfast, we had french toast made with brioche and topped with warmed cinnamon apples in maple syrup.  I licked my plate clean!


  1. mm that pasta looks delectable!! Beautiful photos!

  2. Sounds like you had a great day! :)

  3. I would love to start doing fancier dinners on Sundays! I try to cook a ton over the weekend because the week days can get so full ...and I can get so lazy :) Your brioche french toast sounds incredible. I don't know that there's much better in life than good, chewy, buttery bread!

  4. Crew was a huge deal where I grew up. Lots of kids in high school rowed and went on to compete in the sport in college as well. There's a big aquatic center about ten minutes from my house and there are meets there all the time!

    Also, your breakfast sounds amazeballs. Like, wow. So good. I thought I was doing good by having some strawberries with eggs and toast. hahaha.


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