Monday, September 26, 2011

My morning.

So this is what I came home to this morning after my run!  This is the front of our apartment building and this is a car that obviously didn't turn the steering wheel AT ALL and then smashed into the brick pillar of our front entryway.  Crazy, right?

I have no idea if the person was hurt (the paramedics had already taken him/her away).  I have no idea if the person was a man or a woman (I'm suspecting an elderly woman).  All I know is this bald cop was not happy about me having to use that door to get into my apartment.  I told him I had no other way to get in the building and he gave me attitude.  I gave him my prettiest smile and proceeded around the pillar and (carefully) walked right through the door.

What was the most exciting thing to happen to you today?  This is (hopefully) it.  Although, I'm working tonight so there is still time for someone/something in the E.R. to top this!    


  1. omg, i got nervous for a second thinking you got into an accident!!! eek! glad you are safe and sound and had an awesome run this morning :)

  2. OH my! Kind of scary. The most exciting thing that happened to me today is that I went to the dentist.....BORING!

    Get UP & Go

  3. I thought that was you that got into the accident also!! Thank goodness you are safe! That is super scary! I hope the driver is okay.


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