Sunday, September 18, 2011

100 Days.

So we're back in Boston and, I'll admit... it feels good to be home.  During our absence, summer seems to have given way to fall, which makes me excited about living here again.  Since I know we won't be living here forever, I am going to enjoy every single day because, who knows, I may just actually miss living in Boston someday. 

We met some friends at the SoWa Open Market in the South End this afternoon.  It was a perfect Sunday afternoon with crisp air, a brisk wind, and warm sunshine.  I'll admit, the SoWa market was a bit overwhelming with food trucks and artisan booths and DOGS and STROLLERS and people and lines.  Oh, the lines!!  But the food was great.  We ate at the Go Fish food truck run by Brother Trucker.  I had perfectly made fish n' chips and Lee had a fried haddock sandwich with red pepper aioli.  And for dessert, we had cupcakes from Cupcakory: Me = salted caramel, Lee = Nutella.  So good.  And it was great to catch up with C & G, too, who are getting married in less than two months.  How exciting!

In other news, I've officially been pregnant for 100 days.  100 days!!  Can you believe it?  I've hit triple digits!  Sometimes I can't believe it myself.  I remember the day I took the pregnancy test... the day before my 'monthly visitor' (I'm a masochist and I'm impatient = bad combo)... and I just expected it to result in one lonely line (that one lonely line sucks).  So I used the test and then sort of forgot about it while I finished my business in the bathroom.  While I was drying my hands, I glanced over at the test strip and did a total double-take.  Um, wait a second.  Is that a second line??  I remember putting my face up really close to the test strip and squinting, like that would help make it more accurate... the second line was faint, but it was there.  I rushed out to Lee and said...

Me:  'Tell me how many lines you see.'
Lee:  'Two.'
Me:  'No way.  Really?'  You see two?'
Lee:  'Yep, I see two.  What does that mean?'
Me:  'Hoooooly shit.'

Of course I took a picture of the positive test strip (and of the tests I took the following 5 days) but I won't bore you/gross you out by posting them.  I'm sure I'll save those photos forever!!

100 days down, (approximately) 180 days to go! 

Does it feel like fall where you live?  It feels like fall here and it feels delicious!  Seeing pumpkins just makes me happy.

Do you like eating from food trucks?  Do you have a ton of food trucks where you live?  I love food trucks for many reasons... you're supporting a small, usually local business... the food is creative cuisine made quickly and cheaply... and it is just an overall fun experience!

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  1. ha ha - you know I took pictures, and posted it on my blog! I actually threw the first one out. I had taken it just past 0500 as I was getting ready for work. I was only 12 DPO, so the line was pretty faint. I woke Jason up (on a Saturday, no less) to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. Such a happy memory :)

    It does feel like fall here, and I love it. Cool nights and highs in the 60-70 range during the day.



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