Thursday, August 11, 2011

He done good!

So I worked all day today and was unable to do my favorite Thursday afternoon activity... the Brookline Farmers Market... so Lee went in my place.  And he done good!!  Oh man.  His fresh set of eyes found all sorts of things that I'd been overlooking the last few weeks.  Baby bok choy!  Swiss chard!  And (the best find yet!) homemade chocolate banana bread!  I'll be digging into that baby riiiiight after dinner.

In other news... one of my favorite restaurants in Salt Lake City is closing it's doors on Friday after 16 years of being in the community.  Lee and I have so many happy memories at this place... special date nights, the dinner before our wedding where our parents met for the first time, our one-year wedding anniversary and many more.  Goodbye, Metropolitan.  Your culinary presence will be greatly missed.

Do you try to support locally owned restaurants/cafes/etc.?  If you read my blog with any regularity, you know this is a resounding 'YES!!' for me.  I will go out of my way to avoid chain restaurants.  Seriously.  Keep your city unique by supporting one-of-a-kind establishments... not that cookie-cutter place you can find on any corner in America (or Canada!).  


  1. Um, I think he done GREAT! I love chocolate banana bread!!!

    I'm not a big fan of chain restaurants either. I find the food at locally owned places way better! The quality, the taste, the preparation... I think local places just care more about what they are giving people and I like that ;)

  2. I'm with Christina. Chocolate banana bread is a winner in my book any day! We are definitely local supporters. We went to Red Lobster once this year because we got a gift card...other than that-no cookie cutters here!

  3. We are pretty big about supporting the little hole in the wall type restaurants and coffee shops but need to be better!

  4. That bread looks amazing.

    I love local joints and luckily the town I work in is very supportive of locally owned restaurants. There's a whole street called Historic 25th which is exactly that and oh man there is some really good food.

  5. That bread looks soo good! I try really hard to support locally owned restaurants...the food and service tends to be so much better too.


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