Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fresh dinners.

I have been working like a DOG this week (and I haven't killed any pediatric patients so far) so Lee has been on dinner duty.  Good thing he loves to cook.  And he's great at it, too!  We've been embracing the fresh fruits and vegetables available at our awesome farmers market and salads have been on the menu pretty much every night this week.  There's something about not turning on the stove in the summer and eating things in their fresh and natural state that is so satisfying.  And so easy!  I have to admit, though... I'm looking forward to making stews and chili and other hearty dishes that go great with colder weather (I make a mean chicken corn chowder).  Soon enough!  

(On a sad note... my heart goes out to my Canadian family as someone close to them has passed. We're thinking about you.)

Do you find that your diet changes with the seasons?  For sure.  We eat tons of salads in the summer with all sorts of crazy ingredients.  And, come colder months, I love making a big pot of soup or chili that we can freeze to have again another day.    

Non-Garmin stats: A little spin on the bike trainer.  Just enough to get the lead outta my legs after 12 hours of running around the E.R.


  1. Major props to Lee, all that food looks amazing!

    When it comes to food in the summer I love love love turning on the grill. I never grill in the winter because of the cold and snow; I'd much rather bake my chicken come winter and enjoy the heat of the oven. In the summer though I kind of hate the oven.

  2. Yum! I love salads for dinner. We have awesome fresh produce around here.

  3. I totally change my diet based on the season! Great question! I love hearty soups, chilis, roasted vegetables in fall/winter and love salads and barbecues in the summer. I am in love with farmer's markets! Thoughts to your Canadian family! <3


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