Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Candy makes my world go 'round.

This is what is getting me through my night shift tonight. Giant. Chewy. SweetTarts. And an Arnold Palmer.  Hot damn.  They are good together.  I may have a sugar crash later but.... who cares?!  The vending machines and the coffee shop are riiiiiiight around the corner.  I'll tell ya.... I make AWESOME decisions when sleep-deprived.

Here are some random & introspective night shift thoughts (in no particular order):
  • I really miss Utah today.  Like it came out of nowhere and all of a sudden I was super homesick.
  • I'm off all meat these days.  This also came out of nowhere.  But not cheese!  Me + cheese = BFF.
  • The Bachelorette finale rocked (Jaimie, I watched 'em all, too).  I called it from the beginning that she'd pick JP.  I swear!
  • The ONE week we'll be back in Utah this fall is the ONE week my go-to absolute most favorite hair stylist will be out of town.  What are the chances?!  I guess it's a sign.  Time to move on to a hair stylist on THIS coast.
  • The downpour this evening in Boston was so amazing & healing. Can weather be 'healing'? I'd say so.
  • I start my ER orientation in pediatrics NEXT WEEK.  Holy shit.  Little sick people scare me.
  • Drunks in the ER are wicked frustrating.  Yes, that word has become a part of my vocabulary.  And, yes...  I love it. 
  • One more night shift.... and then 6 days off.  I can do it!

I was thinking about this while using the bathroom tonight at work... When using a public restroom, do you flush the toilet using your hand or your foot?  I don't know if it's bad etiquette... but I totally use my foot.  Is that offensive to the hand flushers out there?!


  1. Chewy sweet tarts - win! Love 'em.

    I'm a foot flusher. And I don't care if it's offensive (which I don't think it is)! Gross!

  2. I use my foot! I love the BAchelor but didn't get hooked on this one. Glad JP won though. Okay, blog about what?? :) Do you have anything specific that might be wonderful that we've talked about before? Missed you! Seriously, your comment made me smile just hearing from you!


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