Monday, August 15, 2011

Beating myself up (a little bit).

Do you ever buy something (either edible or non-edible) to help you feel better?  Today, I did.  I had a sick, teeny-tiny, practically just-out-of-the-womb baby as a patient today.  And I was unable to get an I.V.  Imagine trying to thread something the size of a strand of hair into something that is the diameter of a strand of hair.  Babies have such little, tiny, thin and delicate veins.  It isn't easy.  And the RN orienting me wasn't able to get an I.V., either (which makes me feel a little bit better).  I'll get it.  It'll just take time. :-(


  1. Eat all the nibs you need. When Izzy was born, my mom was the head of the NICU and was the nurse lead one night. Izzy was in the NICU and needed an IV and they could only use her head. My mom {grandma} watched several nurses poke unsuccessfully many times before having to step in and do it herself. Pretty sure she cried herself to sleep that night. :(

  2. Oh my gosh... You will get it in time, don't worry! Good choice on the nibs, though. They always make me feel better :)

  3. :( It has taken up to 12 pokes to get an iv in Caroline. It doesn't help that when they need an iv, they are most likely dehydrated and have collapsed veins. Sad day.


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