Thursday, July 28, 2011

Farmers Market Finds.

It's good to be home.  The cats missed me us.  My plants needed some attention.  And I was ready for FARMERS MARKET THURSDAY!  I was so excited to see what was fresh and new in my two week absence.  Wow.  There was so much new stuff!  I got all the usuals (spinach, mixed greens, tomatoes, cheese, raspberries, cucumbers, herbs) and a bunch of new things that haven't been available until now.  Carrots!  Corn! Peaches!  Plums!  (Just to name a few).  And they had wild blueberries!  I've never had wild blueberries before... and I'm not sure what the difference is but the lady told me the wild ones are sweeter (excellent!).  I bought both the conventional and the wild blueberries to compare.  I'll taste test them tomorrow morning on my cereal and get back to you.

It's also good to be back to eating like I usually do.  You see, I have no self control while on vacation.  And my mother-in-law is an awesome cook and baker to boot.  She always has a fresh batch of something coming out of the oven (cookies, pies, cinnamon buns, rice krispie treats, muffins, fresh bread).  The smell of baked goods permeates the house and I must have whatever she is baking!  So I'm pretty sure I gained just a teeny bit of weight (okay, maybe more than a teeny) while on vacation.  But that's okay.  We're back to eating how we usually eat, which (for me) doesn't involve a half dozen cookies washed down with a beer every day.  I am so glad my mother-in-law loves to cook and I always look forward to her home-cooked everything while we're visiting.  Thanks, Barb!  

Do you gorge a little bit (or a lot) while on vacation?  If you say no, then I might question if you are even human.  Or you have the self-control of a nun.

Do you know the difference between wild and conventional blueberries?  The wild ones are so small!  How do they pick them without squishing them?!

Garmin stats:  4 miles/36 minutes + 40 lunges.  Yes, I finally took my Garmin with me on a run.  It's been weeks or maybe even months!  But today, I used my heart rate monitor and focused on that, not the pace.  And it felt good!  And then my Garmin died... and it had just been fully charged that morning!  WTF?  Has this happened to you?


  1. Wow! That farmer's market looks amazing! Our markets looks so pitiful compared to the haul you've brought home. It all looks delicious! Yum! x

  2. Those pics are beautiful! I love farmers markets for that reason alone. The food is so pretty. But never too pretty to eat!

    Am I a gorger on vacation? Yes. Am I a gorger when it comes to frozen yogurt? Yes. Ok, I am just a gorger.....

    Get Up & Go

  3. I am a gorger. I find occasions to gorge and then reasons to purge. I'm currently on a cleanse. I had it planned ahead...but this summer's eating has definitely gained me more than a few pounds that I'm happy to be shedding with fresher eats!


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