Thursday, May 19, 2011

If you like Pina Coladas...

(...And getting caught in the rain.) 

Lee and I tried to go for a walk around the reservoir this afternoon.... and we got caught in the rain.  It was still enjoyable, though.  We just arrived home soaking wet.

Bad news.  My left knee hurts again.  But it isn't the same 'internal' pain as before (luckily!).  My patellar tendinitis has reared it's ugly head and I have the same below-the-kneecap tenderness that I had about two years ago while training for my summer of ultra-marathons.  #$@%^!*#&*!!!  What. Is. The. Deal??  Whatev.  It, too, will go away.  It'll just take some time (I'll miss you, my love!).  Back to yoga!  And biking!  And 'living room workouts'! And foam-rolling religiously!

Do you like walking/running/being out in rainstorms?  I do.  But only if it's a warm rain... today's rainstorm was borderline unbearable at 60 degrees. 

Do you like watching bike races on T.V.?  Love them.  Come July, I'll be obsessed with the Tour de France (we watch every stage). Right now the Tour of California is going on AND I LOVE WATCHING IT.  Plus, it showcases one of my favorite states.

Non-Garmin stats: I did 30 minutes of a 'boxing-type' workout with 2 lb weights in my hands (ouch!) followed by upper body weights then 30 minutes of yoga.  Lee and I made it about 3 miles before we had to head home due to rain (I had that Jimmy Buffet song in my head the whole time).


  1. I wish I looked that gorgeous when I returned from running in the rain. :) The rain here is cold rain but I don't mind warm rain. I can't say that I remember the last time I had warm rain though. :) Bike racing? Nope.

  2. something about running in the rain is so freeing! buy only if you are freezing. ;)

    so glad i found your blog!

  3. How do you look that awesome after RUNNING IN THE RAIN!!! Geezum! (:


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