Sunday, May 1, 2011

You gotta believe!

So I didn't blog about it yesterday because I didn't want to jinx it in case it was just a fluke... but... I RAN YESTERDAY AND TODAY WITH NO KNEE PAIN!! Maybe you noticed the number of miles had crept up in the 'Miles in 2011' count because yesterday I ran 4 miles and today I ran 5 miles! I didn't want to push myself after TWENTY-THREE days off from running so I did 1 minute of walking/2 minutes of running for a total of 4 miles and today I did an easy paced 5 miles in beautiful City Creek Canyon. It was magical being back in my running shoes again. But this time, I am not taking it for granted. I'm going to continue to do yoga (and STRETCH, for godssake) so that I stay bend-y and hopefully free of injuries!

Lee and I just got back from a delicious dinner at my mom and step-dad's house. We gorged. But that's what Sundays (and vacations) are for. My awesome mom even sent us home with a bag of Swedish Fish. She knows me so well.

Are you reading or have you read any good books lately? I'm in need of some recommendations.

Do you have a random and maybe a little bit embarrassing beauty ritual? I brush my eyebrows before I pencil them in. And every 8 weeks or so.... I use Nair on the peach fuzz on my lip. Don't make fun!! I told, now YOU share!


  1. I just found your blog, and I have to say, you are lucky to have such beautiful scenery for running!

    I have pretty consistent knee problems, so it really curbs my ability to run. I feel your pain. I've been stuck using the bike/elliptical for forever now.

  2. Oh so glad you are running again! this is fabulous!! Nair on your lip is nothing. I wax my lip, trim my nose hairs (now that is really embarrassing!!) and bleach my arm hair. I need to get caught up on here. I've been a bad bad blogger. :(

  3. SO happy that you were able to run without pain--twice! Wonderful!
    My embarrassing thing is that I hardly do ANYTHING--I'm not terrible girly and most of the time I don't even know we're supposed to be doing all these beauty routines!

  4. Hooray on running again! You must be so happy! This isn't really embarrassing but I'm obsessed with checking my teeth for food and my nose for, well you know. I carry a little mirror around for the sole purpose of checking out my teeth and nose.

  5. Bri, I'm stoked you can run again! I'm sure you know to take it slow getting back into it. Trust me! I know it sucks!

    In the summers (depending on who I'm running with) I feel super girly and time consuming when I actually take the time to try to big comb through my hair with conditioner in it after not brushing it for 6 days! And maybe if I'm lucky I'll make time during lunch to shave my legs :) Luckily the armpits and bikini are lasered so I don't have to worry about those.

  6. And PS it was AWESOME to get to hang out with you in SLC and see you before the summer starts! I love you!


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