Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Treat.

How did you treat yourself today?  I did a 45 minute yoga class followed by some upper body free weights (all in my living room!).  Then after lunch... I headed to Berry Freeze in Brookline.  I may have just found the best tasting D-I-Y fro-yo EVER.  No joke.  Come visit me.  I'll take you there.


  1. I did a marathon paced run. I know, it may not sound like the best treat but I was supposed to do speed work (which I hate) so it was a HUGE treat!

  2. Yum that looks de-lish! Do you ever visit New York? If you do, you must try 16 handles. It is sooo good! I treat myself everyday with a Dove dark chocolate :)

  3. mmmm LOVE ME SOME FROYO!!!!!

  4. You are killing me Briana! Looks like dark chocolate dipped in peanut butter is in order for tonight's treat!

    I need to up the mileage so I can get away with what you are having!

  5. i'm coming!
    lol..I went and treated myself to some fro yo today, but um, didn't do any of that yoga stuff you speak of. :)

    I do love your bangs! I think i am going to take your advice! bangs, no cut. slowly, but surely, so i don't freak out! :)

  6. that's exactly what i want right now.

    i accidentally bought a donut this morning but i wishhhh i had "splurged" on a better indulgence!



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