Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sandwiches and Sunshine.

I have been reeeeeally booooooring lately.  Work will do that to a person.  But I put in my time for the week and now I'm off for a chunk.  Geeeeeeet excited.

It was a gorgeous day in Boston.  And I spent it inside.  Except for the 45 minutes I took to dash to 'au bon pain' for lunch.  Turkey sandwich and an Arnold Palmer (made with peach ice tea... to die!) eaten outside... it was just what I needed to get my through the rest of my work day. 

And now we're off on an adventure... to a beautiful land that I adore.  More to come (and more interesting and not-so-boring posts to come as well)! 

Do you eat chocolate every day?  I sure hope I am not alone.  Lately, I have been eating chocolate EVERY day... sometimes TWICE a day (and I'm not talking a Hersey's kiss or a tiny square).  Let's hope all that yoga I've been doing and all that running I've NOT been doing is keeping that chocolate off my 'problem' ares.

Non-Garmin stats:  I ran today.  But it was in my work clogs and it was a quick sprint to catch the T.  BUT MY KNEE DIDN'T HURT.  It's a miracle (let's hope)!


  1. Arnold Palmer with peach iced tea sounds DIVINE! How have I never seem this before?

  2. I have been doing the same thing with the chocolate for the last 3-4 weeks. Dark chocolate and little pieces. A large bar will normally last me all week. Not sure what is driving the hankering, but I am okay with it. How can I not be?!

  3. you get out of the hospital for lunch? jealous :)I guess we don't have any good places to eat at the U, though - ABP would be nice.

    I don't eat chocolate every day, because I don't make it avaliable to myself. I do have something with sugar in it everyday, though (granola bar usually) I did eat a Cadbury Egg last week and thought of you, though :)


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