Sunday, April 17, 2011

The City is Alive!

After a long winter, Boston is finally coming back to life.  I've heard from native Bostonians that Patriot's Day is the turning point for this city getting it's shit together and finally becoming a FUN place to live.  I think it's safe to say that the dark, cold, and snowy winter is behind us and that the glorious warm weather is here to stay (for a few months anyway).

We met friends for brunch this afternoon at Tico near Copley Square, which is where the Boston Marathon finishes.   All of Boston is abuzz with marathon excitement!  It's so cool to see the city transform for this huge event... major roads are closed, streets have been cleaned, and hundreds of flowers have been planted to help showcase this beautiful city for when the world tunes in to watch this famous race.  Good luck to all the runners!  I'll be there to cheer you on (as long as you run a sub 3-hour marathon :-)!

And now some photos from yesterday on the Cape.  And a few from today.  I'm starting to dig this part of the country.   

We've been 'hitting the sauce' a bit this weekend.  What is your favorite drink?  For mixed drinks, I'm a gin & tonic girl.  Generally, though, I'm all about draft beer or red wine. 

When you go to breakfast/brunch... do you order savory or sweet?  This is always a tough choice for me but I feel like when I order french toast or pancakes I always look longingly at the eggs and bacon of the people I'm dining with and wish I ordered THAT instead. 


  1. Sweet and savory!! Girl, you are so incredibly GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE THE PICTURES and I really was SO excited to meet you this weekend and super year can we hang out a ton!?!?!

  2. I get french toast, eggs and home fries. I put syrup on my home fries. It hits all sides of the palate (;

    Glad you're starting to love boston. Summer there will totally transform you!!!!

  3. LOVE the photos!

    -I'm really a wine girl- especially if it's sparking! :)
    -I'm the same! I usually order sweet because I have a massive sweet tooth (perhaps I should just say sweet teeth? haha), but I also end up nibbling off everyone else's eggs and veggies :)

  4. I love most drinks with bubbles, beer and pina coladas. :) I do the same thing with ordering at restaurants. I get the french toast but usually share Ryan's food too. :) Great anti-motion!!

  5. the cape is the happiest place on earth. gorgeous pics! SO JEALOUS THOUGH that you are in the city today!

    -blueberry beer!
    -i want BOTH sweet&savory at brunch :)


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