Friday, March 18, 2011

Photo Friday.

Another gorgeous day in Boston.  Windy and warm.  Spring is definitely here.  I spent the day exploring Beacon Hill.  The Bostonians were out in droves.  The city felt alive!  It was awesome.

(Boston Common.)

(I had to wait till that guy walked past me to take my self-photo.)

(Gorgeous Beacon Hill neighborhood. Mt Vernon Street.)

(This guy is real. He's just taking a nap in the sun.)

 (Enjoying a latte and journaling on Charles Street.)

 (Cobblestone streets. And bare legs.)

(Built in 1801... with some refurbishments, I'm sure.)

(These guys are ready to burst.)

(Massachusetts State House.)



What are your Friday night plans?  I'm laying low.... eating my fro-yo, hanging with the cats, watching a movie.  Sure can't wait for Lee to get home!

Have you ever traveled somewhere and gone site-seeing by yourself?  I know I live in Boston, but I feel like a tourist sometimes.  I've done a ton of exploring here and I'm sure I'll do a lot more now that it's warming up.  It's kind of fun touring a city by yourself... until you get hungry and then you just feel like a loner getting a table for one.


  1. I wish I could join you!!! If only my bank account and schedule allowed it! :) LOVE all of your gorgeous shots! Tough call...I love staying in AND sight a little of both. My favorite shot is your feet! I took ANOTHER shot like that tonight with slippers. :)

  2. These are great shots Briana. Love the pup in the window! To answer your questions: I went out and bought a bike trainer last night. I worked downtown Boston for 10 years and I always felt like a tourist., especially when I had my camera in hand. And if that doesn't count, I am going to Clearwater FL next month for the week by myself and I will be doing a ton of sightseeing! Can't wait!

  3. I pretty much did nothing last Sat. My FOMO was kicking in a little and I called around a little, but ended up at home watching Hulu. And I went to Boston to visit Preston a couple years ago, you probably walked right through his neighborhood on Beacon Hill and I definitely did the tourist thing there by myself. It's kind of nice to do it totally at your own pace. I think even if I did those things in SL that you don't ever do unless you have a guest in town, you know tour things and just go places to just look at things, you feel like a tourist. Which I need to do more often and get to know SLC better


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