Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I promise this won't last long.

(Big Kitty. Circa 1972.)
I am a little obsessed with my new phone.  I know I am probably the last person to jump on the iPhone bandwagon but I'm okay with that.  I'm torn, though.  I've been a lifetime BlackBerry gal... and I've loved every minute of it.  I would still have my BlackBerry today if I could get even a lick of cell reception in the E.R. where I work.  Not that I need to carry my phone on me at all times... but I can't even get cell reception in the break room or the locker room or even the hallway outside of the E.R. on sucky TMobile.  Plus my hospital gives us a 25% discount off our monthly bill with AT&T so I said adios to those guys.

I have to say... I'm in love with all the apps already.  I see myself spending a small fortune on iTunes buying camera apps (doesn't Big Kitty look groovy?!), restaurant finder apps, games, and other useless things I think I need on my phone.  iTunes is going to bleed me dry $0.99 at a time.  

I just had dinner with a one of my oldest friends (not in age... in duration, duh).  We've known each other since 8th grade... I even remember when we met.  We had choir together and we were both altos (deeeeep, loooooow voices).  Since we were both pretty tall we sat together in the back row in the corner.  To say that we goofed off a lot is an understatement.  It wasn't till high school and the years after that we really solidified our friendship, though.  We spent four weeks traveling Europe together... drinking wine, seeing sites, and flirting with foreign boys.  Even though we haven't seen each other in years, when we got together tonight... it seemed like no time had passed at all.  And I love that about our friendship.  For some reason, the friends I made in high school have been some of my dearest friends.  We see each other very infrequently but they are still some of my best friends in the world.  I love you girls! 

Do you have any app recommendations that I must get on my new iPhone?  So far I've got the UrbanSpoon app, the Toy SLR app (turns my phone into a mini-SLR camera... sort of), and the MBTA app... which very well might be life-changing for me if it actually works.  You see, it tracks the buses in real-time on Google maps... so I won't have to stand outside in the freezing cold for 10 minutes when my bus is late!  I can just look at this app and know when my lil' bus is arriving!

Do you have friends where no matter how much time passes, you still feel so close to them when you see them again?  Yep.  I have a group of girls from high school that no matter how long it's been since we've seen each other, we pick right back up like we've been hanging out weekly.  It's great. 

Garmin stats: 7 miles/53 minutes.  Spring is in the air again!  Oh wait, it's supposed to snow on Friday?  Yep.  PEACE OUT, SPRING!

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