Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lazy bonez.

Today was just one of those days where I felt like doing absolutely nothing.  The weather sucked (more snow... shocker).  Lee's office was closed so he was working from home.  I had a 2-hour episode of 'the Bachelor' to catch up on.  I just wanted to chill.  So I did.  And I took a nap.  And of course Lee documented that nap.


This was after lunch.  I guess my fried egg sandwich put me into a bit of a food coma.  Big Kitty, too.  Not sure why I was too lazy to get up and get a pillow.  I'm sure I had couch markings on my face when I woke up.  Hot.

(Parked, waiting for Lee... not driving!)

(I can't help but document this insane amount of snow. It's ridic.)

Luckily the bike trainer is calling my name tonight.  There is no way I'll be running outside for a few more days (I'm hoping for Friday).  It's depressing, really.  

Should I get a gym membership??  I just know that once the weather cooperates just a little bit I'll be back out there, running the streets.  I hate to sign up for a gym and then NEVER USE IT once the weather gets warm/this damn snow melts (I really won't).  I've always been an outdoor exerciser (running, road biking, mtn biking) and haven't seen the point in paying big bucks for a gym membership that I may only use in the winter.  I don't know... maybe it's worth it.  Anyone have any gyms that they absolutely love?  Oh, and that are in Boston?  Living by two major Universities (BC, BU) I worry that any gym in my neighborhood will be jam-packed with sweaty college kids.  And that would be no bueno

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  1. Fried egg sandwich! YES! I wish I could have napped after mine yesterday!

    I got a gym membership because I found a sweet deal for super cheap. Cheap enough that even if I use it a few times a month I can justify it. :)


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