Monday, December 27, 2010

My worst fear came true.

(Eff my life.)

 (I chilled with this guy at the Hilton. He wasn't much of a conversationalist.)

Uuuuuuummm, remember how I said 'so far, so good'?!? Well? Now I'm screwed. I'm currently in Memphis and could possibly be here until THURSDAY....hi, it's MONDAY! What the eff?!?

So I got off my flight from SLC in Memphis and was informed straight away that my Boston flight had been canceled. Awesome. So I called the Delta reps and they were like, 'You're royally screwed.' Actually she was very helpful but the best she could do was get me on stand-by for a flight tomorrow morning (with everyone and their dog) and she could also book me a seat on eff-ing Thurs afternoon (uuum, Hi). I couldn't believe my ears. What am I going to do in Memphis for almost FOUR days??

(Ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease... Let me make it on stand-by!!)

I called Lee and talked with him (okay, maybe 'freaked out' is a better description) and we went thru our options (driving from Memphis to Boston? flying back to SLC?) and we decided it was best for me to stay put and try to make it on stand-by before my scheduled flight. And, to add insult to injury... because the cancellations are weather-related, this lovely Memphis vacation is on my dime. (Yep. True dat.) So instead of slum-ing it at the Holiday Inn, I went big with the Hilton (it's Tennessee, that's as nice as it gets). Hey, if I'm going to be here for FOUR days I might as well be comfortable.

I'm sure in like, 10 years, I'll look back at this week and be all, 'Remember that time I was stuck in Memphis for 4 days? Hahahhahahahaha, that was fun.'

At least that's how I hope to remember it.

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